Presentation Skills course: Design your application and be convincing at the interview

[quote]What would you do to get your dream job?[/quote] The battle for employment is fierce. Employers often have hundreds of applications from which to choose. Time is of the essence, so the time spent on each application averages less than 30 seconds. Therefore, it is crucial that your application stand out visually – this is effective and is registered faster than the actual content itself. In your interview, the same holds true: You must leave a good first impression and send the right body signals. In this way, your chance of getting the job increases dramatically.

In this workshop, guidelines for the design of applications and resumes are discussed. The content must be easily accessible. There must be clear composition, legible fonts, visible sizes, colors, long lines, etc. Additionally, it must be distinctive and look good. The actual approach to job hunting and the experience you would want to create with the employer is described as well. The experience should be made more noteworthy, and you want to stand out in a positive sense. In this context, examples will be shown application design, resumes, and application flowcharts.

[quote]Time is of the essence, making it crucial for your application to stand out visually. The same is true for the job interview: You must leave a good first impression and send the right body signals.[/quote] Likewise, as part of the workshop, we will review how you control your appearance, and the signals you want to send, so you are better prepared for the job interview itself. How you stand, walk, and stand. How to get off to a good start, so you create good contact with the employer. In addition, do’s and don’ts will be explored, along with what we can do to set a positive tone for the interview. All this will be exemplified with video clips, etc.

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The workshop alternates between presentations, exercises and open discussion with participants about their current issues and concerns. All participants are asked to bring a printed application and resume for an exercise! (E.g., the last application they have written)

Duration: 6 hours


Kristian Koch

Kristian Koch
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Ian Wisler-Poulsen
Ian Wisler-Poulsen
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