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[quote]Are You killing your audience with PowerPoint?[/quote]A good PowerPoint is so much more than a fancy PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a good and effective tool to aid you in your presentation. With good slides, you have a tool that can help you maintain the interest of the audience and sell your message. Ironically, the structure of PowerPoint does not lend itself to efficient use of this tool. Slide after slide filled with headings and bullet point lists is not the most efficient way to support your presentation.

We look at the psychology behind PowerPoint and the practical ways you can make slides that are both helpful to you and enjoyable for your audience. Once you have learned to make good PowerPoints, you can use them whether you are giving a presentation for the entire company, at a small meeting, or at a large conference.

The course is centered around PowerPoint, but the advice is basic, and can be used regardless which presentation program you are using.

Students will learn how to make beautiful PowerPoints using simple means – and you can participate, regardless if you’ve made hundreds of PowerPoints, or you’re getting ready to make your first one.

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Kristian Koch

Kristian Koch
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