How to create interactive, credible, and professional

Online sales meetings & presentations

Course benefits:

  • Learn how you create sharp online sales meetings and sales presentations.
  • Learn what to do in front of the camera.
  • Get better insight into the way you appear on-screen.
  • Get input and advice for the technical aspect (camera, sound, visual appearance, etc.)
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This course fits your company:

If you want to come across as sharp and confident on-screen and appear credible, professional, engaging, and relevant.
If it is critical for those watching the screen to remember your messages.
If you want to know what to do behind and in front of the camera.
If you want to save time preparing your online sales meetings and online presentations.
If you want to save time and money spent on transportation and meeting time.

Intended audience:

This course is intended for knowledge-intensive companies where selling is about professionalism, credibility, and long-term relationships. The course is directed at professions like engineers, attorneys, pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms, IT companies, and tech companies.

The course is especially appropriate for those working with product or sales presentations, supply, or large combination presentations of solutions and design initiatives, etc.

What enters your mind when I say online sales meetings?

You probably think sales meetings via your PC.

But if you are anything like my other clients, you also think of:

  • Poor presentations and cringeworthy slides.
  • People talking over each other without purpose or direction.
  • Choppy, poor sound, a hodgepodge of small pixilated squares on the screen and webcam shots from pitiful angles of participants’ heads and torsos.
  • The minutes dragging along, accompanied only by the requisite sound failures, frozen pictures, and turned-off web cameras.
  • And the fact that you have wanted more than once to hit the Leave Meeting button before the meeting is over.

Fortunately, this is readily fixable, if you have the right techniques and tools!

As a company, you are undoubtedly aware of how much can be gained by good online sales meetings.

But have you developed a plan or strategy for when you need to get good about having them?

With a good online sales meeting, employees, messages, services, and products quickly and effectively come across from the stage – without cumbersome meetings with the customer in the opposite end of the country.

Without a doubt, online meetings are bound to become an important competitive parameter.

The important question is: When do you want, once and for all, to get your online sales meetings and sales presentations organized?

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Is now the time for you to move ahead professionally?

Or not until next year? Or the year after that?

”We know we should do something about it, but not what.”

If you feel something along those lines, you are not alone. Almost every company tells me the same story when they contact me.

The good news is that few companies have

mastered this “new” format.

Currently, few companies and organizations see the big picture of possibilities and pitfalls.

I bedste fald ved de en smule om kameralys eller mikrofonvalg. Resten gætter de sig til.

Some do well.
Many not so well.

The Corona crisis has caused many companies to throw themselves blindly into online sales meetings and presentations.

But so far, few have realized that in short order the quality of these meetings becomes a critical competitive parameter for capturing and maintaining client interest.

In a nutshell:

Online meetings can provide great financial, temporal, and environmental benefits. But only if you do them well.

The goal for this course is for your online sales meetings and sales presentations to meet these criteria:

The customer finds you, your company, and your product credible.
The customer remembers your messages - and can share them.
The customer wants further dialogue and more meetings (and buying).

During this course, you will learn:

1) how to develop your sales presentations.

2) how to deliver your message in front of a camera

3) how to master the technical aspects.

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Kristian Koch – behind the scenes

Since 2012, I have been helping companies create credible and professional online sales meetings and online sales presentations.

The kick-off was when IBM flew me to Spain in 2012 to coach more than 100 of their sales associates, so they got better at performing and selling professionally in front of a webcam.

Zooming out, I have, since 2004, been helping some of Denmark’s leading companies, industry personalities, and artists project their messages beyond the edge of the stage.

Among those I have helped are Novo Nordisk, LEGO, Boston Consulting Group, Kromann Reumert, Red Bull etc.

After the course, you will know how to:

  • Structure your online sales meetings and presentations, so they sell in a credible and ethical way.
  • Develop and arrange your sales presentation, so it works online.
  • Deliver in front of the camera – from body language to voice tone.
  • Use technology correctly, getting light, sound, and the composition fall into place.
  • Make sure the viewer feels included and at the center.

80% of the knowledge you gain through the course,

is also applicable in the physical world.

What will happen in this course?

The course consists of two 3-hour sessions* which will be held via your preferred system, such as Teams or Zoom.

The two sessions consist of equal parts theory, practical exercises, trying out what you learn, and individual feedback. All exercises and work will be based in your company’s own sales presentations.

Participants will be videotaped and given individual feedback.

Between sessions, there will be tasks to solve.

Day 1

Presentation and videotaping of participants
What constitutes a good online sales meeting and a good sales presentation?
Review of the COS method
Exercises and implementation of own material
How do you deliver credible online sales meetings and presentations?

Day 2

Presentation and video recording of participants
Further work with the COS method
Exercises and implementation of own material
Screen training and feedback on how participants come across


The fine print:

  • Participants need to prepare the following in advance of the course:

    A 90-second sales presentation to be given internally or externally. Participants must know the following in e.g. Teams or Zoom:
 How to appear “full-screen” and how to handle slides. Participants also need to be on top of two things in PowerPoint or Keynote:
 How to make a slide and add text and images to slides.
  • *The course is offered in two variations.
    Up to either 6 or 10 participants. With up to 6 participants, the course takes 2 x 3 hours. With up to 10 participants, the course takes 2 x 4
  • You can purchase a third day.

    If you want to ensure proper implementation of what was learned, you can add a third day, where I meet individually with each participant.
  • This course is not a software course.

    For instance, the course does not cover Teams or Zoom in detail. The expectation is that the participants are familiar with basic functions of the selected system, such as handling slides and appearing “full-screen” (so you fill the entire screen).


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