[quote]Individual Coaching – the short way to fast results![/quote] If you are facing a specific presentation, a job interview or an important meeting that is causing you problems, individual coaching is for you. Presentation Skills offers individual coaching and help for your presentations whether you have a job interview or an important meeting.

Structure and Message

We help you to structure your presentations and interviews well. If you use PowerPoint, we help you use it as a communication rocket, with your message in the captain’s seat. Should you need help with the practical aspects of PowerPoint, linking the visual profile to the desired message, we offer everything from technical support to fine-tuning of the graphic material and content.


Are you unsure about your own appearance or do you feel nervous? Presentation Skills helps you take control of your voice, your body signals, and your nervousness, so you can capture the attention of your audience while appearing more confident and calm.

Personal Presentation Coaching

You speak frequently and want to get better at it? Let Presentation Skills follow you, and receive personal feedback on your presentations. Become aware of your bad habits and win over your audience. Every single time Presentation Skills helps improve an important presentation or conversation, our starting point is you and your strengths, so the way you come across is personal and natural. Contact Presentation Skills for more information about some ways a unique process could be tailored.

Professional Public Speaking Techniques