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[quote]Are You Killing Your Audience with PowerPoint?[/quote]Why is it your eyelids get heavy every time your colleague turns on the projector and throws up a PowerPoint? And why is it that many of the best presentations we’ve seen do not use PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a great tool for you as a presenter – first of all, it can be a great support, and it can also help you sell the message. But in many cases, it ends up irritating the audience instead of helping them. In a worst case scenario, the bad slides take the focus from you and what you have to say – and that is rarely what we are looking for as presenters.

In the lecture “Captivate Your Audience with PowerPoint” Kristian Koch shows you where the wheels come off the cart. With a review of the five PowerPoint genres and a variety of examples of clumsy, humorous, efficient and great use of PowerPoint, you really come to see the strengths and drawbacks of the different tools. Moreover, good advice on using PowerPoint helps to focus on the right tools to make the creation of a good and effective PowerPoint child’s play.

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Kristian Koch

Kristian Koch
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