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Just How good are you in front of an audience?

It is a fact that for most people – even quite experienced presenters – giving a presentation in front of an audience can be a daunting experience. Whether in front of friends, family, colleagues, or strangers doesn’t matter – it’s scary. Often this is because we are afraid of making mistakes, and because we are not quite sure what to do with ourselves.

This lecture will cover the classic mistakes made by many when they have to make a presentation. These minor errors are often what diverts attention from the message and make the speaker appear unprofessional and – worst of all – untrustworthy. This can be anything from posture, to voice use, to the ability to capture the listener’s attention, or the lack thereof.

Building on video clips of various speakers and examples put forward by Kristian Koch, you will be introduced to tangible and workable methods that correct these errors, thus improving your communication both individually and in a group. All errors, advice and methods will be exemplified, ensuring complete comprehension and making the subject much more tangible. After the lecture, you will have a much greater awareness of those things that give you credibility as a speaker.

See the trailer from Kristian Kochs: “Professional Public Speaking Techniques”


Kristian Koch

Kristian Koch
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