New inspiring, educational and energizing presentation

New inspiring, educational and energizing corporate talk that is perfect for staff meetings, seminars, conferences, or in other work-related situations, where there is a need for a mental and energy boost.

The presentation provides eye-opening insight into the things we can do collectively to improve the work environment, what we can do to improve internal communication (and, of course, external as well), and which processes consciously, and especially subconsciously, have a frighteningly huge impact on our decisions. The presentation looks at the conscious and subconscious processes in the brain that are provoked by our fellow human beings – primarily the non-verbal signals.

The presentation is both educational, funny, and extremely relevant, as it is based on everyday situations we all are familiar with in the workplace. The lecture will be spiced up with video clips and funny examples that are guaranteed to hold a few brand new insights for the audience! Length 90 minutes but can be adjusted.

Inspirational-talk-corporate-talk - Better Communication, Better Work Environment, and Better Decisions.

Feedback from the premiere at LEGO.

“Thank you for a really good and inspiring presentation. It’s one of the best things I’ve listened to in a long time, and your message yesterday hit home with many.”

“I have received a lot of positive feedback about your presentation. All the participants were very enthusiastic and felt that you really knew how to breathe life and energy into a tired audience.”

“We were all very enthusiastic about his lecture, and it has provided food for thought. He was incredibly good at communicating what he wanted to get out, and there are definitely several of us in the group who understand about being influenced by the moods/body language of other people – so we will be a little more conscious of our own body language and the way we approach people. Moreover, I found interesting those things he said about the way we often misinterpret the body language of others when we’re nervous, as well as how, when you focus on something, you don’t hear the whole or you overlook other things that may be important as well. Overall, super great and super inspiring and clearly something we could use in our daily lives (and a great energy boost).”


Kristian Koch

Kristian Koch
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