Online E-Course: Professional Public Speaking techniques

Offer your employees a professional online E-course they can take where and whenever they want. Embed it on your intranet or let us host it with your own unique URL and design.

This is a demonstration of how the E-course works when we host the solution. It only requires that you link to the page – we’ll take care of the rest. This prevents from having to spend money and time on programming, debugging, support, etc.

Text and images can be changed as needed. The page and content is optimized for running on computers and mobile devices.

For more information and details: Tel.: +45 6133883 E-mail: contact@www.presentationskills

Intro & Nervousness

Lessons 1 – 9:
Introduction to the course, and lessons that gives you the tools to manage your nervousness.

Getting a good start

Lessons 10 – 15:
Very important advice that makes sure you get of to a good start when you make presentations.

Body language and optimal contact to the listeners

Lessons 16 – 25:
The importance of body language must not be underestimated. Learn how to control you non-verbal signals.


Lessons 26 – 29: Learn to use your voice properly.

General advice & outro

Lessons 30 – 35: Learn about dramaturgical structure, doing presentations with others and the correct use of PowerPoint.