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[quote]How good are you in front of an audience when using PowerPoint?[/quote] Presentation with power is all about effective communication. A presentation can be anything from a five-minute pitch to a long lecture. Being able to speak with conviction requires insight into the way you appear when you speak. How do you stand when you speak? What signals are you sending to the audience? Do you use PowerPoint, and you know what purpose it is serving? In the course “PowerPoint and Presentation Skills,” you will learn both how to use yourself as a mouthpiece, and how you can use PowerPoint to support your points.

Specifically, you will learn how to liberate yourself from your slides. PowerPoint is a powerful tool and you need to use it to support what you have to say. You will gain insight into the typical PowerPoint styles and how you can use them to your advantage. The teaching focuses on practical, usable advice.

In addition, we will consider how to dramaturgically build a good presentation and how to begin and end a presentation, getting you off to a good start and wrapping up in a dynamic finish, and how to start and end a presentation, so you get a good start and get a good finish. Very simple and tangible ways to capture the listener’s attention will be explored. We also consider what to do with your hands, body, and voice, where to look, and most importantly, what you should do if you get nervous.

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Kristian Koch

Kristian Koch
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